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In the first of The Upside’s series with political disruptors, Brad learns about the big item atop Arne Duncan’s bucket list, the cause he believes to be the “ultimate non-political bipartisan issue,” and what it’s like to play basketball with President Obama.

The former U.S. Secretary of Education shares his take on the future of learning: from leveling the technology playing field to streamlining college applications, and why we’re long overdue for big-time disruption.

And, why data matters: how Duncan’s legacy of data collection (through Common Core standards and the College Scorecard) informs programs like Uptake.org’s Student Union app.

Plus, how Duncan’s latest work with Chicago CRED (under Laurene Powell Jobs’ Emerson Collective) could radically change the life trajectory of thousands of young people in Chicago.

I want to reduce the homicide rate in Chicago by 80 percent. ...I’m obsessed with that.

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