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In 2012, Anne-Marie Slaughter penned a bombshell article, “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All,” based on her experience juggling her “dream job” at the U.S. State Department, with her role as caretaker to her husband and two sons.

In it, Slaughter wrote about the challenge she faced in balancing the two, which ultimately led her to depart her post as Director of Policy Planning under Secretary Hillary Clinton.

In the article – and Unfinished Business, her subsequent book on the subject – Slaughter (who had once believed that “having it all” was a choice), wrote about the failure of society to equally support – and value – individuals’ contributions to their careers and to caretaking. She was simultaneously praised and criticized for her thoughts.

In this episode of The Upside, Slaughter – now head of the think-and-action tank New America – joins Brad Keywell to share her best advice for confronting criticism, her vision for healthier societies, how ideas have to “cause turbulence to have impact,” and why “this will be the age where we listen to women’s voices as equals for the first time.”

This will be the age where we listen to women's voices as equals for the first time.

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