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The Keywell Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to identifying and supporting the work of social innovators across the world who are developing scalable models that are tackling society’s most significant issues. We look to support organizations and leaders at a critical and catalytic moment where our support will directly impact the trajectory of a social entrepreneur’s journey. We are passionate about organizations and leaders focused on improving the education system, democratizing access to ideas, empowering and improving the lives of women and girls in the developing world, and facilitating the impact of storytellers whose talent can help broaden the understanding of lesser-known realities.


Since 2010, our family has supported and started several organizations through philanthropy. These include the Future Founders Foundation, which inspires underserved youth in Chicago to explore new career opportunities, to the creation of Chicago Ideas, which has become one of the world’s most accessible ideas and innovation platform designed to inspire, connect and empower curious people.




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