Culture: The soul of a startup

soulIn 1943, American psychologist Abraham Maslow organized a hierarchy of human needs. The foundation of his pyramid laid out the most basic essentials: food, water and sleep. Climb a little higher, and you’ll find safety, higher and you’ll see love and friendship, and above that self-esteem and confidence. But the highest point, the ultimate accomplishment of human beings, is self-actualization – which Maslow said includes things like creativity, morality, spontaneity, problem-solving and acceptance of facts.
It’s a recipe for culture.The elements that constitute the highest level of human needs are the elements that make for an excellent startup culture. Startups have their own pyramid of needs, but the majestic spot at the top is the same. The goal of an entrepreneur should be to build an electric culture that sends sparks of positive energy pulsing throughout the company. There must be passion, collaboration, inspiration, dedication and so many more “ions” to keep the pulse strong.
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